Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics QA Revelations: Food for Thought

Some thoughts about your work from our QA Dpt. Working online can feel anonymous and dehumanizing at times. This new blog is meant to offset that. We want it to be an important communication channel, establishing a more personal relationship between our far-flung writers and the company’s in-house staff.

That’s why we conducted a series of interviews with the QA Department, seeking to personalize their work, and share, with you, what issues frustrate them daily. Look for upcoming articles here, taking the perspective of the hard-working folks who help us all stay in line with the company’s standards and procedures.

When I first got the brain wave to interview our own in-house employees, I didn’t know where to start. So, I just sauntered over to QA, and made myself incredibly annoying; wandering around, staring over their shoulders at their monitor screens, and asking dumb questions.

And, voila! It worked! They were so eager to get rid of me that they abandoned their computers to answer my questions=) Of course, I’m joking! These folks always help writers, which included me as the blog writer. Their reflex responses kicked in and they extended themselves graciously to answer all my inquiries (Thanks, by the way).

So, let us cut to the chase – many issues bother the QA Department!

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Company News READ THIS, PLEASE! New Payment Methods!

Adding New Payment Methods for RWCDear users, we want your payment experience to be as simple and worry-free as possible. needs your assistance to accomplish this goal! Now, you can share your suggestions for the best methods of payment. We will be carefully considering your ideas as we install a new funds transfer system.

We do pay attention to complaints about our current payment methods! We constantly work to improve all our business practices, and the transfer of funds is no exception. Now, we want you to help to us revamp how we pay you. You can submit suggestions and feedback to:

Our Billing Department will review every suggestion. We will combine this information with our careful research into current payment options. Your proposals will be thoroughly examined.

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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics RWC Blog is No Place for Rudeness!

Don't Be Rude While Leaving Comments on the RWC BlogWhile I have been moderating the blog, I have encountered some really rude negative comments from our users. None of them has been posted.

They did not pass the moderation process, not because we want to look good for our users. We are fully aware, and accept that, like any other company, we may be subject to criticism for the way we do business.

That is why we are posting this article.

So back to the topic: these messages did not pass because they were so rude. The politest way to describe them is that they contained foul language.

The objection is not that we, the RWC staff, would have to read obscene messages. Instead, it is not fair to the other, more polite users, who do not want to see anything like this in the comments.

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Priceless Writing Tips Preserving Your Health While Freelancing

Preserve Your Health as a Freelance WriterA lot of you folks spend way too much time in front of the computer, sitting on your posterior. We realize that this increases your productivity, but we also know that it can undermine your health. So, here are a couple of tips to help you to maintain your health while working on the computer.

There are a lot of studies on the net, demonstrating that while a person is working on a computer, their body utilizes more water than under other circumstances. Haven’t you felt thirsty while working intensely on one of our assignments?

So, be sure to keep yourself hydrated. A couple of cups of water or caffeine-free tea or tisanes per hour should be enough. To make certain that you are drinking enough, check that you are, to put it bluntly, generating through-put via that body system!

To deal with the potential problem of emissions from the computer screen, you can try putting a cactus next to your PC monitor, although its effectiveness as emissions absorber is not scientifically proven. Why not, after all, add a touch of the natural environment to your surroundings!

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Priceless Writing Tips Setting the Tone for Productivity

How to Be ProductiveSometimes, when you begin work on a freelance paper, it is tough to concentrate. You can’t get started; you feel a headache coming on, or simply feel like you are not up to writing at the moment. How can you circumvent these problems?

Here are a couple of ways to get you in the right psychological and physical state for research and writing.

You need to remember that any distractions can throw you off track when you are working on a custom paper. So, first of all, try to find a quiet room in which to work.

If you don’t have the option of writing in a quiet room, then the next best option is to use music to create a personal sound environment for yourself. Put on headphones, if you have them, and pick music that either relaxes or stimulates you. For me, the music which works is “trance” and occasionally some alternative rock. But if you like hard rock, hip-hop, classical, or jazz – then go ahead and tune that in.

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