Priceless Writing Tips No More Excuses: How to Increase Your Efficiency!

Increase Your Efficiency with the Help of Our TipsAs you have probably already figured out, we at the ResearchWritingCenter are obsessed with deadlines. Why? The answer is that meeting the deadline and making timely delivery are among the main criteria that make our customers love us. People generally tend to prefer and come back time after time for reliable service. Duh!

That customer preference for timely turn-ins is why we are starting an aggressive campaign to help our employees who are struggling with their own time management problems. You probably know that time management issues act like a chain of dominoes; one negative outcome after another. You put off the work and do something irrelevant instead. Then, you do not have enough time to do a superior job because now you are up against the deadline. So, you say to yourself: “Who cares!”, and do a rush job. Isn’t it logical to assume that the quality of a rush job will never even approach being “good”, never mind “great”?

One of the main issues with time management is the choice of the right time to start with a task. When folks receive an order with a deadline offering more than a few days lead time, they often think that this allows them to postpone beginning to work. This is wrong, wrong, so wrong, simply because you can never be sure what the task includes, exactly.

Yes, you might very well already have, in hand, an outline and the general assignment from the customer. But that is not the whole picture. There is also the research, locating credible sources, note taking, compilation of the information, etc., and the list goes on infinitely.

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