Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Start Working With RWC: a Guide for “Rookies”

ResearchWritingCenter - a Guide for RookiesToday I’ll be guiding you through ResearchWritingCenter’s application procedure. You may have already been through the application process with other similar freelancing companies. However, this does not guarantee an effortless application for a position with us. This is not meant as a threat of any sort; this is just a gentle heads-up. You may simply be a bit baffled at the apparently peculiar stuff we ask of you before accepting your application. If you actually absorb the following, you may increase your chances of getting a job with us. It’s good for you, rather like spinach =)!

So, you may already have checked our website and know the steps needed to be accepted: fill out the registration form, complete a test task and pass a phone interview.

Let’s start with the first one.
The registration form requires posting your CV (résumé, if you wish) and sample(s) of your work. Any genre of document is acceptable. Just select a paper of which you are really proud, and which properly represents your writing skills. And as for the CV, a general rule is; the more info, the better. Just ensure its relevance to a possible freelance writing position. Note: “worked at an Apple Store for 2 months” is probably not relevant to freelance writing. Well, ok, maybe if you exploited that position to become a power user of word processing and other applications, but otherwise, not really=)

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