Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics RWC for Dummies: Getting Started

RWC for Dummies-Getting StartedI’ll bet many of you are puzzled by how complex the process seems to be to get started in freelancing with ResearchWritingCenter. I’m here to share some tips and insights to help make this a friendlier environment for you.

A lot of writers are initially put off by how hard it is to get started. They apply for lots of orders, but don’t get any work. Here’s the exclusive scoop on how things work:

Let’s start with an analogy: Say you are a carpentry contractor. Each of your employees has a unique, specialized skill within carpentry. With experience, you know whom to assign to which task. Mike, a superb cabinetmaker, crafts beautiful kitchens. Joe, a wizard with framing, installs windows and doors. John has a way with trusses, so he does roofs for you. Remember, this is an analogy; stay with me here…

OK, so a new applicant appears. He tells you a lot about himself, and how great a carpenter he is. You believe him and hire him on.
Concurrently, you get a big repeat job from a loyal customer. The new employee wants “in” on this plum job.

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