Company News ResearchWritingCenter – A “Gold Mining” Experience

ResearchWritingCenter - a Rewarding ExperienceIf you’re one of our rookie freelancers, then you may wonder why it’s so difficult to get an assignment right now. Well, as you may have noticed, it’s summer! Many of our clients take some vacation. This means fewer orders at this season – actually ten times less than in our high-demand periods!

Despite these fluctuations, what I like about our business is how it surprises me. Listen to this: A guy recently placed an order with several weeks lead time. The order seemed to be straightforward. The assigned writer (whose ID number I will not disclose, to avoid exposing him to jealous messages) wrapped up the job way before the deadline.

The client received the paper without comment (not unusual, by the way). In a couple of days he got back in touch again to tip the writer 100 bucks. I’ll bet that you didn’t even know that tips were possible!

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Company News ResearchWritingCenter Is Getting More Social

ResearchWritingCenter is Getting More SocialI’m pretty sure that most of you are social. And by that I mean that you like to spend time with your friends. These days, some of that time is probably online, checking in on social networks like Facebook.

Well, I have good news for you – we at the ResearchWritingCenter decided that combining your social life with your freelancing life is a good idea. That is why I’m proud to inform you, that we will soon launch ResearchWritingCenter pages onto a number of social networks. Although this is a work in progress, I can tell you that Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are definitely on the list.

As we know, many of you use mobile devices to access social and other resources on the web. Our social network page(s) will make it easier for you to check for any updates from us. Our page will include key info about ResearchWritingCenter. Importantly, you will also be able to message us. We’ll be sure to respond to all such missives as soon as possible.

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