Company News Design Update Coming Soon…

We are planning to have external design updated soon at RWC. This will not touch the actual admin panel, but only how the part before log in “looks and feels”.

The update will take place either by the end of May or in early June, just informing – so that this does not come as a complete surprise for you. To tell the truth, it’s about to be finished:) We are hesitant about actually showing it to you!

The update will touch the main colors, they will not be as bright as they are now; content – in parts, and we did pay a lot of attention to the blog – to make it more interactive and user friendly for you. We are really looking into creating a writer’s community here:) and certainly know that we can rely on you:)

Company News An Update at

We have just had a minor update of the admin panel. If you were logged in to the website during the update, you might experience problems logging in and see the following mistake: 404 Page not Found.

This is because of the information that has been stored in cache and cookies of your browser.

In order to resolve the problem, please, do the following:

  • Clear cookies and cache in your browser
  • Go to (make sure this is the exact URL, does not have /index.cgi further) and log in using your information

If you still experience problems, please, contact our support team or give us a call for quick resolution. If you have orders that quickly need to be uploaded and still “fighting with your web browser” – you can send those as an attachment to

Now, as a result of an update – you can download all files as a ZIP archive, can see the actual file size as well as attach up to 3 files at a time. We’ve also changed the registration form for new writers as well as changed the very application process. It should be more convenient for you:)

Any questions – we are always here!